About Tridoc

Tridoc aims to provide easy document management for individuals and small teams.

On the server-side, Tridoc runs using hapijs in node and fuseki. View the repository of the backend.

There also exists a native program for easy upload from a folder on your computer. It doesn’t, however, provide any graphical user interface (yet).

If you’ve been using Evernote before, you can import your notebooks’ PDFs to tridoc with our Enex importer.



Set your server in the settings. They’re accessible via the cog icon in the top right corner (only visible after closing this window). If you haven’t access to any server, learn how to set one up.

Tags and Filters

Tridoc has an advanced tagging system with two kinds of tags: normal tags which behave as you’d expect and “parameterizable” tags which allow either a number or date to be set when adding them to documents. This allows for more specific filtering for certain ranges of values. The tag filters can be either in- or exclusive and are added together: A document must fulfill all filters to show up in the results.

The search bar searches in document texts and titles. For this purpose, the server tries to do OCR (character recognition) on all documents which don’t already contain text metadata.


There exists the ability to add comments to documents. Currently, there is no way of deleting or editing comments.


Using the Tridoc-Cockpit

Default View Grid View Full Text Search Combining Tag Filters Tag Range Filters Comments & Title Editing Easy Adding & Creating of Tags Integrated PDF Viewer (Even on Mobile)